Wacky Rig Bass Fishing | Summertime Bass with My Wacky Kids

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Wacky Rig Bass fishing for summertime Bass with my wacky kids. We're in Central Florida. It's August, and it's hot! We're on the Butler Chain of Lakes...

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Wacky Rig Bass fishing for summertime Bass with my wacky kids. We're in Central Florida. It's August, and it's hot! We're on the Butler Chain of Lakes, chasing schooling Bass in open water. They're easy to spook, and a weightless wacky rig is a good choice to target them. We're using my CPF Lures 5.5" Stickler Pro stick bait, and a 2/0 CPF Lures Kahle hook. I like the kahle hook because the soft plastic stick bait sits in the hook bend nicely. We're throwing spinning rods with 20lb braid and a 12lb fluorocarbon monofilament leader. My kids, Adelyn & Parker, can get crazy, especially in this summer heat. If the fishing action is fast enough, I can usually keep them out a little longer. Hope you like the video!

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