The LAST Kmart on Earth!! Yes, It's STILL OPEN!!!

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Walking tour of what might very well be the LAST Kmart on Earth. This still is still open for shopping, there has been NO announcement of future closi...

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Walking tour of what might very well be the LAST Kmart on Earth. This still is still open for shopping, there has been NO announcement of future closing and, believe it or not, you can actually buy stuff there! The Sears down the road just closed but Kmart is still going "strong".
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Florida Keys Wooden Boat Fishing, Me and my stuff:
My Boats:
The original single seater Kayak is a Great Auk designed by Nick Shade of Guillemot Kayaks and built by me with my own two hands. It’s 16 1/2 feet long (the design is 17 feet, but I scaled it to fit in the garage I built it in) and 24 inches wide. This was the first boat I ever built.

“Tiny” the double kayak is another Nick Shade design (Micro Bootlegger) and was also built by me. Videos of the later parts of the build are on my channel for your perusal (don’t forget to like and comment). It’s 18 feet long and 28 inches wide, for a stable and roomy ride, even with a bunch of fishing stuff riding along with me (or a second person).
When I add the outrigger (which is just one of the pontoons off my Catamaran) I can include the Suzuki 2.5HP outboard to make tracks.

My “Three Week Canoe” was, once again, built by yours truly, and you can see the entire build in my award winning video series “The Three Week Strip Canoe Build”. Available on a computer screen near you. The design is the classic “Puddle Duck” by Gil Gilpatrick.

Last but not least (just kidding, yes it is), is my experimental and highly controversial “Stand Up Paddle Pontoon Catamaran Mini Party Barge”. Built AND designed by me, with no help or consultation of any kind from anyone. Which may explain why it confuses the hell out of anyone who sees it. It looks like a toy, paddles like a toy (but a really cool toy) and, best of all, is just plain fun.

My Bike:
My bike is a Schwinn (don’t you just love saying that?) Meridian Trike, because nothing says secure in his masculinity like riding down the side of US1 on a tricycle (I’m thinking of starting a trike club, we’ll get heavy leather jackets and sweat a lot, how cool am I?). Mine is tricked out with an LED headlight for early morning rides, a gigantic basket to hold all of my stuff, and four custom made PVC rod holders held on with the best hose clamps money can buy.

Fishing Gear:
My gear is mostly whatever cheap stuff I find at yard sales or on clearance, but when I buy quality it’s usually the Penn Fierce II series of spinning rod and real combos. What I like best about this Penn line is the name. Seriously, who doesn’t want to be “Fierce” (they work pretty well too). I’m also a fan of Mustad hooks (when I’m not cheating out and buying generics).

I have two primary cameras and a back up. The primaries are a GoPro Hero4 Black that I chose because someone offered it to me in trade for an arcade game I was trying to get rid of, and a GoPro Hero Session 4 that was a fathers day gift, so I will worship and treasure it forever (or until it quits working, whichever comes first). My backup camera is an iPhone 7 because, well duh, its got a camera built right in.

I do all of my editing on my iMac desktop computer because I’m old enough that I don’t just do it all on a laptop and I use the free GoPro Studio editing software because I’m cheap and don’t want to have to learn to use something better.
UPDATE: I gave up on the GoPro Studio software when they stopped updating it and it wouldn't run on current operating systems anymore. I now use Final Cut Pro, which has waaaaaaaaaaaaay more firepower than I need but it does the job well. I also added a new (to me) MacBookPro that I use when editing on the go.

That’s me and my stuff. See you on the water.
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