River Fishing for VERY Aggressive Fish in the Mountains

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I went river fishing for aggressive fish in the mountains! It was a hot summer day so I tried to get an early start to beat the heat. It's very import...

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I went river fishing for aggressive fish in the mountains! It was a hot summer day so I tried to get an early start to beat the heat. It's very important to fish mornings and evenings during the summer. The water and air temps are lower which should lead to more bites. During the middle part of the day when temperatures are the highest, fish will often stop feeding. Look for the coldest water you can find and also look for moving water. Moving water has more oxygen than still water. Deeper water plus moving water equals money. I found some decent holes that had moving water and the fish were there! The fish that I did find were very aggressive. I used several different lures to catch fish. Don't let the summer heat stop you from fishing!

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