Morning Goose Turkey Clouds And A Happy Steve

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Good morning everyone! I hope you all are happy safe and healthy! We start this morning with a nice view........I love mornings. listening to the worl...

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Good morning everyone! I hope you all are happy safe and healthy!

We start this morning with a nice view........I love mornings. listening to the world wake up and the chirping of the birds, it brings me so much joy. It is a little chilly this morning but nothing a Kyletherooster sweatshirt can't handle :-)! We stop into the coop, which I sectioned off the front of it so we could store food in there. We got some new scratch grains thinking it would be better and........ehhhh not so much. The birds like it though so that's what matters.

We start the day with a quick little Deedubs, lookout chickens! Apparently Randle and Jimmy were out partying last night as they are still up on their roosts. Everyone looking so nice and except for all the growling everyone is pretty chill this morning. Hey G-unit! Good morning Scarlet Johensson :-) The babies are looking bigger today as always. I wonder when they will start honking like the others? Pablo is really enjoying the scoop this morning and Steve looking tall as always......Yes Steve you are still taller than the turkey boys even when they are up there.

Jimmy and Randle are so funny lol. Like what are you guys doing? Good morning all you guys! The Geese are loving the scoop this morning. Pablo is being quite the little piggy. He Cheeks....Hi Toni! Love being able to look out and see everyone so relaxed and safe. The chickens finally get in on the scoop, yum yum. Jolie looking so fluffy today.....Jolie you got a little something in your beak there. Hello Sebastian....have you been eating mud? Poor Rapunzel left behind for a second. She was like hey wait for me! No one messes with Dot lol. Jolie finally getting the scoop all to herself. Slate with some superior turkeycorning today!

That big old feather on the ground is Randles. I cannot wait for his new feathers to come in. Should I come out and suck up all these feathers or what? It looks crazy out there, like a duck exploded or something. I feel like it would take me all day just to have to go out and do it again. But i think I may try. Roy's crow is hilarious. He sounds like an old man lol.

What is this I see out in the unsuspecting Jolie. You know I have to try to get her......LMAO! Got ya! Oh you know she is so ticked off at me right now. She is going to hold that grudge for a while I am sure. Sorry Jolie but I had to!

Ok let's get up close and personal with some chickens. Everyone looking so soft and friendly. Being able to relax with everyone and not have fear of getting beat up is pretty nice. Hey Juarez:-) Cockadoodle doo in tandem! Nice job boys. Yes Brock nice job lol. Ok let's go get some lettuce for the geese.

I found the yummiest looking leaf lettuce ever! The geese certainly bring in the noise to make sure that we know they are here lol. It drives me crazy that the sebastopols just hang out in the back. I know I did a high pitch ow lol......let it go. I do love getting up this close with them as they are so funny and pretty. Pablo looking thick! Steve looking taller than ever! They devoured this lettuce! Ryan off to the side looking all sad lol.

I got some letters the other day and a package! Thank you so much from California and Virginia! We even got some meal worms with some shrimps in it(thanks Karen!)! So excited and the birds love them. I have gotten about 7 letters so far and it is amazing! I still cannot believe that people from all over the world watch videos that I post online. I make sure that all of these birds benefit before me.

I hope you all enjoyed the video and have a great day!

Would love to hear from you!!
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For those that read this I would like to say that I have a new Kyle T-shirt coming in the next week. So excited!!!
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