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In this KastKing video – MLF Bass Pro Shops for Fishing Gear on Amazon - with MLF Pro Angler Cliff Crochet, he says, “So what are the thoughts about p...

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In this KastKing video – MLF Bass Pro Shops for Fishing Gear on Amazon - with MLF Pro Angler Cliff Crochet, he says, “So what are the thoughts about professional fishermen equipment we use is that a specialized high dollar equipment that only pros can get, certain select millionaires can buy in the stores? With KastKing that myth is busted. The weekend guy can spend a small amount of money and get the same quality stuff that I fish with in a Bass Pro Tour all from Amazon. The myth is busted. This is what we throw. Good price stuff from Amazon.”

More Bass Fishing Tips From a Bass Pro Tour Angler

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About KastKing Cliff Crochet Spirale Casting Rods

Designed with the advice of Bass Pro Tour professional, Cliff Crochet, and available at Tackle Warehouse the Cliff Crochet KastKing Spirale Casting Rods for bass fishing are built to compete against the best anglers in bass fishing tournaments. Five fishing rods are in the series and cover all bass fishing rod needs.

Taking the next step in performance, the KastKing Spirale Series Casting Rods are fitted with spiral wrapped American Tackle Microwave Air Guides, which help manage fishing line and keep it away from the fishing pole blank. To keep baitcasting reels firmly in place, these KastKing fishing rods are fitted with American Tackle G2 Edge fishing reel seats that keep weight to a minimum and maintain exceptional connectivity. Complete with triple AAA cork handles for increased comfort and sensitivity, the KastKing Cliff Crochet Spirale Series Casting Rods use Cliff’s input and high-quality spiral-wrapped guides to achieve top of the line performance.

About MLF Bass Pro Tour Fishing Pro Cliff Crochet

Cliff Crochet, also known as "The Cajun Baby", is a professional bass fisherman from Pierre Part, Louisiana. Crochet was a competitor on Bass Angler Sportsman Society's Bassmaster Elite Series and has $478,078 in B.A.S.S. tournament winnings as of February 13, 2018. Cliff currently fishes the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour Series. He is a member of the KastKing Pro Staff and uses KastKing fishing rods, KastKing fishing reels and KastKing braided fishing line exclusively.

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Did you know? KastKing fishing gear is being used by angling professionals on the Major League Fishing (MLF) Bass Pro Tour, FLW, BFL, ABA, NWT National Walleye Tour and Bassmaster (B.A.S.S) bass tournament fishing trails.

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