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How To: Easiest Way to Catch Walleye in the Fall (Find Fish Fast)

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#walleye #fishing #walleyefishing In this video, How To: Easiest Way to Catch Walleye in the Fall, Hobie-Wan Kenobi shows you how to find and catch qu...

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#walleye #fishing #walleyefishing

In this video, How To: Easiest Way to Catch Walleye in the Fall, Hobie-Wan Kenobi shows you how to find and catch quality walleye in the fall using aggressive tactics.

Many people fish too deep or too slow for walleye this time of year. The walleye are feeding up preparing for winter and are HUNGRY. The walleye will cruise shallow weeds and and rock walls looking for perch and other fish to eat.

I like covering water using moving baits like crankbaits to locate whee fish are. Using live bait rigs can be effective but, can take a long time to find walleye. Using moving lures can find the fish and then you can slow down and use live bait, jerkbaits or other slower techniques to coax some of the inactive fish in the school to bite.

Using lures like a jerkbait can really trigger the walleye to bite when the bite is slow. Quality walleye can be found by fishing around rock walls in the fall time. I hope this video helps you catch more walleye from a kayak, boat or even from shore.

You also cannot underestimate the power of using finesse bass techniques. Ned rigs, shakeyheads and dropshots all catch walleye as well. This is usually the last technique I use because it does not cover water as fast. If I see fish on the sonar and they are not biting moving baits, I will toss a Ned rig to see if I can get a fish or two. That usually works. BFS gear shines here if fishing around flooded timber. The Curado BFS XG is a great choice to toss jigs and plastics for walleye.

Wind swept points are another great way to locate walleye. If the wind is blowing the same direction for a few days, it gets even better as it create a current of sorts to funnel food to the walleye. If you are fishing a reservoir, remember that it still has current although it looks like a lake.

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I hope this video helps you out. Comment below for any questions. I will help you out. Comment below on how you catch walleye in your neck of the woods!!!

Setups: Phenix K2 714 (custom 2.6oz), Daiwa Alphas SV TW 8.1,
Abu Garcia Veritas 7' Medium Winch, Daiwa Tatula SV TW 7.1
St Croix Legend Elite 7ft Lite (custom), Shimano Curado BFS XG

Lures: Rapala X-Rap Deep 09, Strike King 3XD Perch, Zman TRD skirted jig with Zman Craw trailer.

I use the Alphas SV TW and Phenix K2 for my all-round medium setup. I throw finesse jigs, jerkbaits, senkos, shakeyheads...pretty much anything 1/8oz to about 1/2oz.

I use the Abu Garcia Veritas and Tatula SV TW for moving baits and topwater lures. Really well rounded setup for walleye.

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