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How to catch an easy winter feed fishing the weed line

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If you can't head out wide this time of year, having a bait n berley bash in the shallows should get you a decent winter feed. Last week I had a fun s...

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If you can't head out wide this time of year, having a bait n berley bash in the shallows should get you a decent winter feed. Last week I had a fun solo on the sand out west catching some nice fish, knowing I could probably head out again and mirror that day I was keen to change it up. Today was all about setting the berley on the weed line and see if I could land a few east coast winter kelpies.

Pea was keen to get a line wet to so I picked him up along the way, the plan was to try and get a few livies as well in hope to pick up a few Johnny's. Even though the fishing can be hard at times through this time, there's plenty of other species turning up for the picking - Trev's, carrots on both coasts, plenty of Kahawai, Johnny's and more. I do like this time of year, most fisho's don't like getting their tootsies cold or hands dirty and have packed away the gear and stored the boat.

After picking Pea up we arrived at the ramp with only one car and trailer in residence - like I was saying I love this time of year....We were launching an hour after the high and I had a spot in mind that I like to fish the out going. There's normally plenty of bait fish, plenty of pany snaps for the tacking and the odd Johnny at times. After a quick 3-4min run in the little fc lucky charm the Lowrance lit up like a Xmas tree showing a ton of bait fish, Pea sorted out a sabiki quick smart and was boating Mac's before I could pull the bung out to full the LB tank. With a couple already in the tank I quickly set up my rod and hooked up a Mac and dropped away to set for a Johnny - I hadn't even had time to set the berley.

With the live bait set up I sorted the berley as well as my strayline, with the tide still dropping now was the time to flick out a few baits for some kelpies. Pea had to wait why he still had to catch us a few more livies but I had my bait in waiting for that kelpie to come by. There was plenty of Mac's when we needed, I started to get a few little nibbles then something better grabbed the bait. I was hooked up to our first little kelpie for the morn. Occasionally we can get some good fish from here but they mainly average 35-45cm, it's great fun fishing the shallows and soon I boated my first winter kelpie. It wasn't huge but it wasn't a bad fish being around that 47cm - we were on the board.

Flicking out another bait it was instantly smashed, the berley was working a treat with another little 40cm hit the deck, Pea hooked up to something a little different on the sabiki which turned out to be a nice little Trev around 35cm (Yep I've got me dinner) Pea sure does love'em. I was hooked up again and Pea was fighting the urge to stop fishing for livies to set up his staryline gear, after catching another snap in no time he said "Yep that's it we have enough livies I want to fish now" We both had our live baits set with no great interest as yet. Pea caught his first little snap after flicking out his bait, it was only a small one, Pea's livey rod started rattling away. Oh yea boy it has to be a Johnny - come on Mr Johnny but getting to his rod it had let go.

Moments later something was at his livey again, this time hooking into it we were chanting for a Johnny - I got it excited when he said "Oh yea it's a biggie" I thought we had a nice Johnny until he said "yes my first big snap for the day" (Damn it I wanted a Johnny) There were plenty of kelpies for the taking and after a few more I got frustrated not having a Johnny as yet - I said to Pea I think it's time to move. He was keen to stay on the snaps but for me today was more about trying to get a Johnny or two. We up anchored and I headed back towards from where we had launched to try a spot that I had caught a couple of Johnny's from a couple season's ago - we dropped the pic and berley as well as the live baits. Pea also flicked out a bait and damn it caught a kelpie with in seconds - although take-able he released as we already had 4-5 each in the bin already.

After 30mins of no action on the livies and only more snaps coming aboard, we were about to pull anchor and move again when Pea's livebait rod bent over and it looked like we were into our first Johnny. It was just a constant curve in the rod and we knew it was a Johnny, just as Pea saw it it dropped the livey - noooooooo. Pea had dropped it, we decided to stay put and after 5mins Pea was hooked up again to another Johny. Striking a couple times on the rod it stayed bent and he was singing away he had caught a Johnny then once again slack line "What's going on it's gone again" yep don't count ya chickens until they hatch fella. We were both guttered as that was the last chance of landing that elusive Johnny we had been trying to catch all day.

Although guttered we had an awesome day and we had a good feed of snapper in the bin so we couldn't complain to much. It was great to get back out with Pea on the little FC but we will be back chasing those tasty Johny's again that's for sure.
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