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Getting paid to fish is for the the ultimate dream. How do you accomplish that. Well I believe the first step is ICAst.. what is Icast. Ill tell you i...

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Getting paid to fish is for the the ultimate dream. How do you accomplish that. Well I believe the first step is ICAst.. what is Icast. Ill tell you in the video. While we were down in Orland Florida we also had a chance to go Barramundi fishing…in Florida !! barramundi fishing.. in Florida .. YOO Thats crazy. Barramundi are native to Australia and south Asia. Barramundi fishing in florida was a crazy time.. these barramundi and super strong, they put on an Ariel display, jumping several feet out of the water, taking drag and fly fishing for barramundi…come on. It don’t get no better. lets barramundi fishing in florida

In this epidoe we explore both ICast 2021 and barramundi fishing 45 mins south of Orlando…St. Cloud, florida I believe. What is ICast..?? I believe this is where everything starts. ICAST is where you meet the representatives of companies, if your desire is to be on a fishing show, you can meet the host or at the very least there people.. this is where you get on the radar. This is where you sponsorships, pro staff, and becoming an influencer for a company.

Barramundi fishing in florida was really dope, I count imagine going over seas barramundi fishing. These fish have been documented to get over 100lbs..thats the size of one of my arms!! Hahah like for real tho.. a barramundi that big.. thats insane.

Fly fishing for barramundi I was using a redfish pattern I die called the Drizzy Drake. Which seem to work out really well. Made for redfish however I think this pattern in the water really takes on what any fish is feeding on, and it really worked for these barramundi.. if you are interested in where you can get your hands on some of these flies check out..

where are we?? Osceola Outback Adventures

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