Catch of the Day - Daily Devotional and Fishing Tip Aug 1st

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Watch Jimmy's devotional and get his fishing tip to make you a better fisherman. Get your copy of "Catch of the Day" at the link below. http...

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Watch Jimmy's devotional and get his fishing tip to make you a better fisherman. Get your copy of "Catch of the Day" at the link below.
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Catch of the Day is a new segment Jimmy is producing for YouTube. Each day Jimmy will read a devotional from his Catch of the Day, daily devotional and have a fishing tip to start your day. Be sure and share with your friends and start your day off with a positive message.

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Jimmy's insights on Faith and Family are a great way to start your day as a Daily Devotional for men or a daily devotional for women too. He relates Christian principles in a simple way using his knowledge of fishing and career as a professional angler to be a light for Christ and share GOD's message of love, hope, and kindness. Jimmy admits his faults and misgivings and helps you learn how to be a better Christian drawing experience from his own mistakes. Jimmy makes understanding Christian values so easy that it makes Catch of the Day a great Daily Devotional for Youth as well.

Jimmy has been a long time member of the Fellowship of Christian Anglers Society(FOCAS), and is a strong believer in power of fishing as a tool to become, in Christ's words, Fishers of Men. As more and more people turn away from traditional, organized religion, it's time Christians embrace Jesus's message of love and kindness to reach others for Christ with a servants heart, and be a living witness for Jesus. With over 50 years as a professional angler, and over 40 years on television with his show Jimmy Houston Outdoors, he has used his public platform as a way to reach others for Christ. Jimmy Houston credits his years of success to his faithful walk with Christ and Devotion to the lord. He admits he struggles but works everyday to live for Jesus and become a better ambassador for Christ's love.

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