Bass Fishing Gear Tips From a Beginner and a Veteran

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A veteran bass fisherman helps a beginner bass fisherman find just what to buy to start bass fishing in this show. Jacob Knight has been a passionate ...

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A veteran bass fisherman helps a beginner bass fisherman find just what to buy to start bass fishing in this show. Jacob Knight has been a passionate angler for the last three decades, and Arica Johnson is a newbie to bass fishing. Jacob recently taught Arica how to get started bass fishing. This show is going to teach you what you need to get into bass fishing, and you’ll learn a little about our team, too.

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Gear Mentioned:
Abu Garcia® Black Max 6'6" M 2-Piece Spinning Combo -
Osage River Fishing Backpack -
Eagle Claw Wide Gap Worm Hooks 3/0 -
Senko - Green Pumpkin, Black -
Zoom Curly Tail 4" - Black/Red -
Shakespeare Catch More Fish Youth Spincast Combo -

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Each week Brad will bring in guests to give you the information you need to tackle your next outdoor adventure.
You'll hear from professionals with decades of experience as well as beginners that will share what getting started has been for them.
GoWild's gear tool called, Gearbox, has around 250,000 outdoor products! Because of that the GoWild team knows what gear is trending, what gear is working, and what gear is not working!
The GoWild community logs the gear they use when they share a trophy so we can see exactly what is working, where it is working, and what time of year it is working.
Knowing all this information is useless to our community if we don't share it. That's why we created Gearbox Talk!

Here's a quote from Brad Luttrell, the show's host, explaining Gearbox Talk.

"Team GoWild is combining our network with our Gearbox insights to create a show that is 100 percent about finding the right gear for the job.
Each episode will bring in a combination of industry experts, and sometimes, industry outsiders, to get people’s opinions on the dos and don’ts of outdoor gear shopping. We’re going to help you find the deals, and avoid the duds.
And sometimes, we’re going to ask the beginner questions for you. Quite frankly, all too often content in this industry assumes a really steep base level of knowledge. It’s an impossible barrier if you’re a newbie.
So we’re going to sometimes have shows that tackle really simple questions, like what is the bare minimum of gear you need to buy to start fly fishing, or bass fishing, or backcountry hiking and hunting."

We are excited to share this new outdoor gear show with you starting on June 24th 2020!
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